This is a different part of my website, as you may have noticed. The picture, or drawing rather, wasn't made by me, but it is a more accurate depiction of myself and what I wear instead of my usual "what I would like to look and wear." I've seen people around calling this type of space several things, headspace, safespace, happyplace, a bunch of places (It is my place, I'll throw as many Hercules references as I want), but, I want to call this place, "The Other Place", and so I will. This might not be the most cheerful place in here, but it is going to be where I talk about not so happy topics or more personal stuff, like my writings of how I see things as myself, or scripts/ideas that I never thought about sharing or making it into a video.

This place is a little empty now, it might get populated, it might not, but, there is something to click tho.