I've finished reading Uratarou... And it feels like a canceled manga.

This manga has a lot of complicated names that I'm going to spare the usage of.

This manga is the consequences of the story of a war between 2 parts of Japan and their clans Minamoto and Taira and our protagonist Chiyo, is the consequence of the winning side. She is destined to die due to an incurable illness, but she loves life. So, she seeks a way to become immortal, and she find Uratarou, which is immortal, but he hates life and wants to die. And that's the premise of the story.

It is divided in 2 parts, before the demon king is awakened and after (yeah, this is a shonen manga, how could you tell?) The first part is actually it with no development at all. To be honest it feels really bad to see it cause it clearly wasn't meant to be that way.

(After a quick search I discovered that it was in fact cancelled. So I'll not bash this manga)


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