Little Witch Academia

I have read Little Witch Academia.

The story is about this human girl nicknamed Akko. She is an Human girl that feel in love with magic after seeing Chariot, a top-tier witch, perform in a festival, with that new passion for magic she decides to go to Luna Nova to learn magic as well. But she is kinda clumsy with magic...

This is a very two dimensional story. It's really really short and it's a story oriented to kids afa I can tell. The fact that this is an manga adaptation of the first part of the anime, doesn't really help. Most characters are based entirely in one personality trait and besides a single page of development, no one gets too much attention besides the main character... I've heard a lot of good things about the anime, so I was kind of excited about this... But this manga feels like it's a problem of the week type of series and none of the problems feel real... There is one conflict with a dragon but it is thrown aside very quickly.

The manga is definitely a pass... 4/10.

"A believing heart is your magic" - Shiny Chariot.

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