Fire Punch

I've finished reading Fire Punch.
(Which by the way isn't a Mahou Shoujo series)

Fire Punch is a piece from Fujimoto Tatsuki, the same creator from Chainsaw Man. The manga is about Agni, the boy who was blessed with a blessing among blessings, an extraordinary regenerative power, using that blessing to feed other from his own meat in a world that has been covered by the Ice Witch's blessing, bringing an Ice Age upon the world. One day, a man comes to take prisoners to the only big city, to use the blessed as a fuel and woman as toys, but the leader of the army group gets disgusted after discovering they are cannibals and decided to use his own blessing, a flame that never extinguishes while there is still fuel to burn. Being unable to die, after agonizing for years, Agni, with a body covered in flames, goes after the man that took everything from him.

With a strong premise and a great Author this manga promises and delivers a lot, it's a great mix between action and internal drama, it talks about coping with loss, religion, and revenge, the characters are interesting even tho some of them take weird actions based on their pre-established character and beliefs. It's a nice setting that have some people being very preservatives about their actions, while some are acting in a last wish kind of manner. However, the ending is... Lacking... Before the actual ending, there are 2 strong points where I feel like it could have ended in a better place for the story and not feel rushed or not well thought off, it's a great story, but a lacking ending... Unfortunately I feel like the end is still fitting which somehow makes it even more disappointing, it's a "happy ending"... But it doesn't really accomplishes as the ending of the Fire Punch story... It feels like an ending to someone else's story, someone that happened to be in his shoes, which again is fitting, but doesn't deliver the same as the rest of the manga.


Instead of exploring more between possible ending points, they set up a concept for around 10 chapters that gets used during one chapter and becomes irrelevant right after, and it's not in an epic or meaningful way, like, for example, in Fullmetal Alchemist where places stop being important because it either didn't work, or was never really useful to begin with, the idea gets discarded so quickly, and it's because it won't matter anymore, because the problem solves itself with little to no consequences, if there are consequences, they are not shown to us... It's a really big problem in an otherwise 9/10 series

"Everything apart from death is acceptable." - Doma.

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