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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

"Something tells me Alice in Clockland is special." ~ Tomoyo

This is your final Spoiler warning proceed with caution.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc is the second manga about our beloved heroine, Sakura Kinomoto. Now entering Junior High, Sakura finally reunites with her boyfriend, Syaoran-kun. But unfortunately (or fortunately) she is not creating new cards from her dreams (I told you there were going to be spoilers). Thou it is kind of a recycled premise from the Clow Card Arc, I think it really feels different, because we know the "enemy" and he isn't portrayed like "the good guy" at any point before his twist, unlike Eriol was. Eriol and the others (Ruby and Sun) were hinted to be behind something that wasn't necessarily bad, and isn't something like (FFXIV Endwalker Spoilers) ||Zenos that wanted you to grow to hit you harder/have an worthy opponent.||

While Eriol was hinted to be a good guy, Kaito was always misterious and hinted to be a bad guy, Momo to his side never helped as well, they were always misterious and talking about Akiho's potential and how they needed Sakura to create "that card" and were forcing new cards upon her, making them look like they are actually onto something, and specially when Momo starts to question Kaito if he really wants to do that, knowing that it would bring harm to Akiho, someone that he treasures, yet he still is determined in doing so.

Overall, I don't even know how to structure this without having read the other story... 7/10?

"How misfortunate, how misfortunate..." - 7.

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