I'm going to start
updating here more
frequently again.

Added "About me"
"Likes, "Dislikes",
"Credits", "Tools"
and "Fun Facts"
in the"Info" page.
Added "Button" page.

I am back,
and removed
the playlist from
the website
(it was pretty bad).

-------Wellcome to my WebCorner-------

Hey! I'm Amber. And I am the Webmaster, It's been a while... I'm moving again, funny how I lived in 5 adresses in the past 6 months... Anyway, I'm completing my 2024 Manga Backlog (Mangas I said I wanted to read but didn't yet) if you wanna to see my progress you can check it here! (Discord links are going to be replaced with web pages to here)

I will most likely make a page to talk about the mangas that I read somewhere. I'm not sure where yet. I might replace the shrines button. I feel like it doesn't fit here...

While this landing page is not done. Why don't you check out my info page or my buttons page? (I still don't have a place for it so you need to click the word)

Most of the website is probably going to happen in an "Extra" section

Even tho my name is not at the bottom of the page it is at the top of everypage. Cause I'm a fucking webmaster!

(They will (mostlikely) take you somewhere (eventualy))